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What Is LOLA?

LOLA is short for Lions Online Academy, our in house k-12 cyber school. New Brighton is proud to offer full cyber services to our students. We have the county's longest online program having been in existence since 2004. One of the great benefits of our program is that we can provide a variety of servcies and resources for our students. Our goal is simple. To meet the diverse needs of the 21st Century student and prepare them for the challenges that today's world presents. 

At LOLA we believe that every student learns in their own way and we tailor the program to meet their specific needs. We emplore a diverse curriculum in order to provide students with the tools they need to learn in their own individual way. We provide each student with their own indivual online learning plan customized to make them successful. Students can take hybrid classes which allows them to come in for a portion of the school day in addition to their online coursework or they can work exlusively online. Best of all our LOLA students are able to participate in all of the district's extracuricular activities including sports, band, musical and prom. Our students will also receive a diploma from the New Brighton Area School District. 

All classes are taught with our very own PA certified teachers. We provide a variety of support and resources for our students as well including a full time LOLA director, guidance and social workers and a dedicated administrator from our central office. 

If you'd like to know more about Lions Online Academy and what our program can do for you please contact one of the individals listed below or a guidance counselor from any of the school buildings. 

Mrs . Cheri Velto

Lions Online Director

(724) 846-1050 ext 394