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Guidance & Student Documents

Folder College/Trade School/Scholarship News (6 Files)
pdf file December Announcement
pdf file February Announcement
pdf file January Announcement
pdf file November Announcement
pdf file October Announcement
pdf file September Announcement
Folder Counseling Department Newsletter (6 Files)
pdf file December Newsletter
pdf file February Newsletter
pdf file January Newsletter
pdf file November Newsletter
pdf file October Newsletter
pdf file September Newsletter
Folder Curriculum Handbook 2018-2019 (1 Files)
pdf file Curriculum Book 2018-2019.pdf
Folder Graduation Project (3 Files)
pdf file Grade 9 Career Portfolio.pdf
pdf file Grade 10 Career Portfolio.pdf
pdf file Grade 11 Career Portfolio.pdf
Folder Junior/Senior Planning Guide (1 Files)
pdf file Junior/Senior Planning Guide
Folder SAT/ACT 2018-2019 (2 Files)
pdf file ACT Fact Sheet
pdf file SAT Fact Sheet
Folder Student Assistance Program (SAP) (1 Files)
doc file SAP Form
Folder Student Handbook 2018-2019 (1 Files)
pdf file The Lion 2018-2019.pdf