Cafeteria Services

NBASD utilizes the cafeteria services of The Nutrition Group. Students are provided a designated block of time for lunch period. Monthly menus are available at all buildings and online. The 2017-2018 school year marks the first year that the entire District, K-12, will be part of the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).  CEP provides a free breakfast and lunch to each student, every day.  There are no forms to complete and no qualifications required to participate, all students are eligible.  Families will still be required to place money onto a student's account if they wish for their child(ren) to be able to purchase Ala-Carte selections or an additional meal.  

The Nutrition Group manages meal selections within the cafeteria. Our schools use a student friendly program to help monitor students’ accounts. Your son/daughter will have a personal account in the cafeteria that can be accessed by their PIN (personal identification number). At meal time, the student will enter their own PIN onto a number pad. The computer then identifies and accesses the students’ account. If there is money in the account, the purchases are deducted. This eliminates the need for students to carry money to school every day. Parents may pay in to their students’ lunch accounts on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to bring a check made payable to NBASD Cafeteria Fund. Cash is also acceptable. Money can be deposited any time for any amount – weekly, monthly or annually. The cancelled check will serve as your receipt. You can also make a payment electronically. Parents may visit to submit electronic payments to their child's account.  Through this website you are able to submit payments, track purchases, etc.  If you have any questions please see our website for additional details or contact the Cafeteria Office for assistance. 


Cafeteria Menus

This link will take you to the monthly cafeteria menus for the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School.  You can search by building and see all breakfast and lunch options, as well as nutritional information and special dietary information.  



SchoolCafe allows you to manage your child's cafeteria account, view balances, submit funds to be credited to their account, and so forth. 


Summer Meal Program

The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank operates summer food programs providing free meals to kids 18 and under during the summer months when school is not in session. Sites are available throughout New Brighton and all of Beaver County.  Click on the "Summer Meal Program" title above to be directed to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank page to learn more.  And, click HERE to find the site nearest you.   Summer Meal Site Finder