Flexible Instruction Days (FID)

FID days are new to the New Brighton Area School District in 2020-2021.  We were approved by the PA Department of Education to utilize FIDs for remote learning when we otherwise may have had to cancel due to inclement weather.  FIDs will be facilitated using student's District issued devices and through class Schoology pages.  Families will receive notification of either a "cancellation" or a "FID or Remote Learning" day when we notify for closures.  If it is a "cancellation," it simply means we are closed, there is no work for the day and we will make the day up at a later time.  If it is a "FID or Remote Learning" day, we will post class assignments that morning to Schoology and our teaching staff will be available throughout the day, and in this case we will not have to make up the day.  We will make paper copies available if requested and our offices are available to assist if there are questions or families need any assistance.  Please see the Parent Letter and Frequently Asked Questions document to learn more about FID and the NBASD.