New Brighton Elementary School

Welcome to New Brighton Elementary School, where we believe "small paws make big impressions." Our goal is to provide a strong foundation for education in a safe, nurturing atmosphere where students are recognized as individuals.

We have a staff of highly qualified professionals who work together to continuously build on early-learning concepts in order to provide students leaving the elementary school with the academic skills to be successful in the middle school and beyond.

In order to prepare students for the challenges ahead, we have expanded the educational opportunities at New Brighton Elementary. Full-day kindergarten was implemented in 2009-10, which offers our youngest students the opportunity for a deeper understanding of the curriculum, involving more hands-on centers and the extra time for specialized activities. We also have invested in a new reading series. Treasures (click for link), published by McGraw-Hill, is a challenging series aligned to the Pennsylvania academic standards; and as a teacher recently told me, "forces the students to think critically about reading." These initiatives, along with the establishment of a new science lab, advances in technology, and the integration of Study Island, an online program which provides skills practice, will help prepare our students for the future.

Realizing education is a cooperative responsibility shared by the family and the school, I invite you to visit the elementary school and communicate frequently with your child's teachers. Teachers are readily available by telephone and email. My door is always open; I can be reached at extension 103 or by email at

We are honored to have the opportunity to share in the development of your child during these formative years. Have a great school year.

Dr. Hall

Elementary School Principal


Dr. Jason F. Hall, Principal

Mrs. Carol Postupac, Secretary

Mrs. Kelley Cardosi, Secretary