The New Brighton Area School District is committed to supporting our students through this unique time.  We will periodically post resources to this page.  The resources will provide information on talking to your kids about Covid-19, handling the extra time at home, working with your children on mental health or counseling needs, and finding ways to relax and support one another.  Please check back frequently for new resources.  

Health/Nurse Based Resources

Mrs. Kinkead's Health Update -

How to talk to kids about Covid-19

Talking to Kids about Covid-19

Handwashing Posters for the Home
Parents Guide to Covid-19
Infographics from the state
Social Distancing and how it impacts the health curve:

CDC Guidance & Mental Health Supports

CDC Managing Stress and Anxiety - Click HERE

Talking to Children About Covid-19 - Click HERE

Mental Health During Covid-19 - Click HERE

Crisis Hotline Number - Click HERE

Mindfulness and Mental Health Apps - Click HERE

Prevention Network

The Prevention Network is a Beaver County based organization who's mission is to support students and families through counseling, resources, school based support, and similar areas.  They have created multiple social media accounts to share resources, provide mindful moment techniques (yoga, breathing, etc.), and resources for counseling support.  Please visit to learn more. 

Covid-19 Beaver County Resources - Resources include health, food, medical, and social-emotional resources.  Click HERE to learn more

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YouTube: The Prevention Network

FaceBook:  The Prevention Network & CLASS Academy