Guidance Department

The Guidance Department consists of Kristen Antoline, School Social Worker; Aimee Young, A - L Guidance Counselor; Michelle Hubbard, M - Z Guidance Counselor; and Sundy Gentile, Guidance Secretary. We are located on the main floor of the high school outside of the locker area. Students are encouraged to stop in the guidance area to discuss academics, attendance, career planning, post-secondary school exploration and any social concerns or ideas.
The guidance area uses a pass system to ensure they connect to the students when needed. Green passes are located on Mrs. Pfeifer's desk at the entrance to the guidance area and are used to request a meeting with the social worker or guidance counselors. The pink passes are used to request students out of their classes to meet with the social worker and guidance counselors.
Information is located on various bulletin boards and in the Student Information Cabinet. Students are encouraged to take copies of information and ask questions!
Kristen Antoline
724-846-1050 x360
Aimee Young
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Michelle Hubbard
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Sundy Gentile